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Benefit For WCUW Radio w/The Odds, Time Beings, Rick Blaze, Free Radicals, & Crybabies.  March 2, 3 2000 Ralphs Diner, Worcester, MA
Jason James Band and The Raging Teens @ The Lucky Dog, Worcester, MA  February 25, 2000 The Forty-Fives @ Dinny's, Worcester, MA  February 12, 2000
The Real Kids, Unnatural Axe, Classic Ruins @ The Middle East December 31, 1999 Preston Wayne 4 at Ralphs, Worcester, MA  December 1999
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies at Vincent's, Worcester, MA  October 1999 The Buzzcocks at Clark University, Worcester, MA  October 27, 1999
Link Wray with The Lyres at The Lucky Dog Music Hall Worcester, MA Sept 14, 1999 The Real Kids at The Linwood Grille, Boston, MA  August 1999
The Donnas with Mooney Suzuki at TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA  July 1999 Ronnie Dawson at The Plantation Club, Worcester, MA  July 1999
The Fleshtones at The Lucky Dog Music Hall Worcester, MA July 23, 1999
Das Fearless Leaders at The Blue Plate Holden, MA  March 18, 2000 Little Red & The Riders at Vincent's Worcester, MA March 17, 2000
Croonin' Kurt and His Hi' Geared Combo at Vincent's Worcester, MA  April 8, 2000 Gimmicks & The Pathetics at Dinny's, Worcester, MA  April 1, 2000
The Swingin' Neckbreakers w/Dimwit at Dinny's, Worcester, MA  June 3, 2000 The Fabulous Itchies at Dinny's Worcester, MA  June 17, 2000
WDOA.COM Night w/The Real Kids, The Time Beings, The Pathetics, & Incest Repellent.  Ralph's Chadwick Sq. Diner  February 17, 2001 Benefit For WCNI Radio May 13, 2001 at Orchard Beach New London, Ct  w/ The Dictators, The Fleshtones, The Lyres, and many others
The Amazing Crowns w/ Huck Ralph's Chadwick Sq. Diner May 25,2001 The Raging Teens w/The Racketeers at Ralph's Diner Worcester, MA  June 1, 2001
The Time Beings, Jason James, and The Ugly Americans at Ralph's Diner June 8th, 2001 The Belmondos and Mr. Airplane Man at Ralph's Diner Saturday June 9th, 2001
The Crybabies and The Fearless Leaders June 16th, 2001 at The Above Club, Worcester, MA David Minehan, Willie Alexander, Mighty Ions, Unnatural Axe, Classic Ruins, Downbeat 5, Kenne Highland Klan at The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA August 11, 2001
Loose (from Italy) and The Ballbusters at Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA  August 18, 2001 Lady Kensington & The Beatlords, The Crybabies at The Above Club September 7, 2001
The Fleshtones at Ralph's Diner,  Worcester, MA  October 5, 2001 The Spurs at Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA October 20th 2001
The Midnite Creeps at Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA  November 3rd, 2001 The Time Beings, The Pathetics, and The Kenne Highland Klan at The Above Club Worcester, MA  November 9, 2001
The Cranktones at Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA November 10, 2001 The Nines at The Above Club November 21, 2001
Angry Johnny and the Killbillies at Vincent's Lounge Worcester November 24, 2001 The Amazing (Royal) Crowns Last Show Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Friday November 30th, 2001
The Numbskulls, Pathetics, and Thinner February 2, 2002 at Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA The Dictators, The Worried, and Midnight Creeps at the Met Cafe  Providence, RI  February 22, 2002
Dummies, SBGB, Jason James, Slick Pig at "Wormtown Wednesday" February 27, 2002 Lucky Dog Music Hall Worcester Jason James with Jack Hanlon Vincent's Bar, Worcester, MA Wednesday February 27, 2002
Wormtown Sound Awards Kickoff Night w/Numbskulls, Dummies, Musclecah, Black Market Medallions, & Midnight Creeps Saturday March 2, 2002 Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner Wormtown Wednesday Tribute To Joey Ramone May 15, 2002 Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, MA
The Queers at TT The Bears Place, Cambridge, MA May 18, 2002 WCUW Benefit 5/29 6/1 2002 w/Crybabies, Last Ones, Huck, SBGB, and more
The Fabulous Wailers & The Belmondos June 4, 2002 Ralph's Chadwick Sq. Diner, Worcester, MA A Virtual Slew of Pictures Taken at The Roskilde Festival in Denmark, June 27 - 30, 2002.  Arthur Lee, Steve Earle, New Order and More
The Paladins at Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA  July 27,2002 USM, The Brainless Wonders, & SBGB at Ralphs August 17, 2002
The Real Kids, Classic Ruins, Last Ones at The Midway, Jamaica Plain, Mass. September 20, 2002 Cheryle Crane Birthday Bash October 12, 2002
The Supersuckers at The Middle East, Cambridge, MA October 17, 2002 The Valentines & The Ballbusters October 19, 2002 Ralph's, Worcester, MA
Jonathan Richman at The Middle East, Cambridge, MA November 14, 2002 Wormtown/Northampton Showdown November 23, 2002 Lucky Dog, Worcester MA
Pathetics CD Release Party at Ralphs, November 22, 2002 Slew O Punk Rock at Ralph's December 27, 2002
Numbskulls & Deterrents Ralphs December 28, 2002 Real Kids at Ralph's January 24, 2003
Wormtown Weds March 5, 2003 Lucky Dog Music Hall Wormtown Weds March 26, 2003 Lucky Dog Music Hall
Independents, Angry Johnny, SBGB Ralph's April 11,2003 Wormtown 25th Anniversary Ralph's May 2, 2003
The Dictators, May 2003 Paradise Theater Boston, MA Jeff Crane 40th Birthday Bash May 17, 2003 w/Walter Lure, Classic Ruins, Crybabies, & The Electric Logs
Jonathan Richman at Lucky Dog Music Hall Worcester, MA  June 15, 2003 Sons of Hercules at Ralphs July 3, 2003
Average Day Productions 1anniversary show August 16, 2003 w/Bottlefight, SBGB, Punching Judy Sleepy LaBeef at Johnny D's Somerville, MA Augst 23, 2003
"The Mayor's Ball" at Ralph's September 19, 2003 w/The Commandos, The Numbskulls, The Time Beings Alice Cooper at Hampton Beach Casino, October 21, 2003
The Independents, Sasquatch & The Sickabillies, and The Brainless Wonders   Lucky Dog Music Hall, September 25, 2003 WDOA Benefit w/The Prozacs, Bottlefight, The Numbskulls, & The Guts  Ralph's Diner February 7, 2004
The Furies, July 17, 2004 Blue Jay Restaurant ADP 3rd Anniversary Show, August 13th, 2004 Ralphs Diner Worcester, MA
Bottlefight, Salacious Crumb, Musclecah@Dukes, Worcester, MA November 6, 2004 Commandos, Numbskulls, Performers, Aggression at NME March 29, 2005
Barrance Whitfield & The Savages, The Prime Movers May 6, 2005 The Over Draught, Cambridge, MA Marky Ramone & Meat Depressed, Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, MA  May 9, 2005
Ralph's 25th Anniversary, Aggressions, Musclecah, Cinders, Numbskulls   May 14, 2005 Sleepy LaBeef, Rox's Oxford, MA  May 27, 2005