Worcester Phoenix Best of Issue November 10, 2000

Best Internet Radio Station

Do you remember rock-and-roll radio?  We're not talkin' about used-to-be-called-heavy-metal- but-now-we're-rappin'-overloud-guitars-and-scratched-vinyl-to-seem-cool-and-hip doo-doo.  We're talkin' three chords-balls-to-the-wall-Ramones-T-shirt-and-jeans-wearing-savage-and-crunching -LAMF rock and roll. It's still out there, and you'll find it by logging on to http://www.wdoa.com/. Founded in January of 1996 by former WICN rock director Mike Malone, the station started out as a 60 watt pirate radio station broadcasting out of Malone's basement apartment.  A knock on the door from the Federal Communications Commission 18 months later shut down the fledgling station, and in the aftermath, Malone and assorted cohorts found the grass much greener on Internet in Real Audio format (downloadable from the site itself), WDOA sports eight shows, including Malone's own Life In The Foodchain and two programs by venerable scenester L.B. Worm (see best public servant).  Also on the site are pictures of shows the staff has attended, a history of WDOA, press coverage the station has received, and probably the best collection anywhere of links related to music, radio, computerstuff, bands, labels, politics, and staff favorites both local and national.  We don't have a clue what the future hold for these cyber broadcasters, but let's hope WDOA sticks around and keeps spreading the true rock-and-roll word to the masses.